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Vintage Lace

Cotton, machine made lace from the 1920s - 1940's is available in pre-measured yardage (2-5 yards).

Some examples of our lace:

$2.00 per yard 

$3.00 per yard 

$4.00 per yard

Hand-knit crochet and tatted lace is available at $8 - $12 per yard.

$8-$12 per yard

Vintage 19th Century French Trims

For wonderful pillows & embellishments: $6.00-$20.00/yard

Textile Books

We have for sale old books and pamphlet on textiles, sewing, sewing notions  and textile history.

Please E-Mail to request the latest listings. 

If you have an interest in a special topic, please let us know so we may keep  your information on file.

Ordering Information


Pre payment is required for first time customers until your account is established. 
Shipping and handling rates are: 
-for orders up to $20.00     -- $3.20 
-for orders  $20.00-$40.00-- $6.00 
-for orders $40.00-$100.00--$7.50 
 Over $100 - 5%
We will ship your orders via U.S.Post 
Orders can be sent via UPS or
FED EX at actual shipping costs. 

Postal Address for ordering or information:

Margy Norrish 
7 Alegre Pass 
Santa Fe NM. 87508

Phone:(505) 216-0647 

E-Mail to Cinnamon Studio

For more information, phone Margy Norrish at 
(505)216-0647  or email to: Cinnamon Studio